3, 2, 1: our women's line is here!

The launch of our women’s line couldn’t have come at a more perfect time!

 As Valentine’s Day is upon us and it’s exciting for the whole family, I reflect.  What was I doing a year ago? What were my children doing? Then I look back in my journal and I wrote, “ I truly believe that we shouldn’t be loving each other on one designated day of the year, but every day.”  That sentiment still rings very true to me. A year later, I find myself continuing to teach my children to be polite, patient and greatful whenever and wherever they can.  

 Speaking of loving all year round.  Rebecca and I truly love fashion each and every day.  We face time, text and talk on the phone about what we are wearing or what someone else was wearing that we loved, so and so forth.  We day dream about our summer line and future lines we could create.  When you are passionate about something, you can celebrate that passion each and every day. 

 When we were creating our women’s line, we wanted the pieces to be versatile, transitional and not for a specific season, but for any day that you wanted to wear them.  When I prepare for warmer weather every year, I pack up all of my winter clothes into totes and move them to the basement.  There just isn’t enough room in my closet to keep everything in it and there is really no reason to.  However, what if there were some pieces that you could keep in your closet all year round?   I found myself keeping cardigans in my closet, long sleeve tunics when the nights got cooler and 3/4 sleeve shirts.  That was the inspiration behind our line and then to have each item be reversible was icing on the cake!  

Here are some pictures that our photographer, Wendy took.  We adore her and she is extremely talented.  She helped me land the aesthetic of our brand in a way that I could have never imagined doing on my own!  Thank you Wendy! 

Cheers to our women’s line and the continuation of our journey into the fashion world.