3 Ways to Embrace your Post Baby Bod

Thank you to Lauren Connelly and Katie Crabtree for supplying us with our blog post for January!!

I don’t think I will ever forget the time I first noticed my little baby bump was starting to show. I was so excited that the little baby girl growing inside me was actually growing and I could see it. 5 months later that baby bump (which had gotten much bigger) was gone and I was holding my precious daughter in my arms. Left behind was this body I had never known before, a little bigger than before pregnancy, and a lot smaller than my 9-month belly. It was my Mom body, and while I was not so sure about it at first, I have learned to embrace it and love it. Here are the 3 ways I learned to love my body again and embrace my post-baby curves.

Find the Right Clothing

At first, I wore nursing tank tops all the time, which were great around the house because they clipped down whenever I needed to feed the little one. However, I kept forgetting that I needed clothes that I could wear out in public when we started to be able to go places. My pre-maternity clothes weren’t quite fitting and my maternity clothes were too big. That’s when I got my Reversible Co. tunic and leggings and realized that I could have comfortable clothes and feel stylish too. I love wearing my tunic out and about because it flatters my curves in just the right places. The material is super soft and doesn’t show a thing which is my favorite part! I often find myself with milk spilled down the front of me or drop something on myself while eating with one hand and holding my fussy daughter in the other. Wearing Reversible Company clothing makes it extremely simple to reverse the item and have a new outfit.  

The leggings became my go-to pants. I loved that I could comfortably get things done around the house all day and then without needing to change, throw on a cute top over them to go to dinner. Both pieces were truly the first pieces I felt beautiful in while learning to embrace my post-baby body.  Find clothes that make you feel beautiful and never uncomfortable. Being a mom means comfort is now the priority. Thankfully with Reversible Co. I didn’t have to sacrifice my style to make sure I was comfortable too.

Take Every Opportunity to Move

While there are not many opportunities to get out the first few months at home with a baby, take the opportunity to do a little extra walking. I always loved the quick trips I could take to Target or the grocery store. I used those trips to do a little exercise before I could get back to working out fully. Park further away so you can walk longer to and from the store. If you only have one or two items to grab, take a walk around the store first (careful if that store is Target and you don’t want to buy more than what you came for). Maybe take the stairs when you are somewhere that has them. While these things won’t burn as many calories as a full workout, they will still make you feel better. Especially when you spend so much time sitting down to snuggle your sweet new bundle of joy.

Don’t Wish your Post Baby Body Away too Quickly

While there are often days I can’t wait to get back into my workout routine or fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes, I have learned to step back and remember that my body now has curves because I used it for the most amazing gift in the whole wide world. I embrace the fact that my mommy body is a result of becoming a mom to my beautiful daughter. Which allows me to remember that I would not trade being a mom for anything. No matter what you may be doing to get back into those skinny jeans, embrace the opportunity to look at your curves. Remember that you just carried and delivered your precious baby, and that is nothing short of amazing.

Guest Post by Katie Crabtree

Photos by: Lauren Connelly at http://www.writerlaurenconnelly.com