arizona baby moon to celebrate the launch!

It started off with Sara and I needing a vacation. Then I found out I was pregnant.

 The vacation morphed quickly into a babymoon/celebration of reversible co.'s launch. We wanted to go to an island or some tropical environment, but my pregnancy limited us to Arizona (AZ) and California. We decided on AZ and the Sanctuary Resort. Of course, once our husbands learned how relaxing and wonderful our babymoon seemed they had to include themselves in our plans. Thank g-d we all love each other!!!

I have to admit, the flight to AZ is a little long especially when you are pregnant. Sitting for 5 hours was a little much for me. Good news, the vacation was amazing. We hiked, went to the spa, had a lot of deep laughing that turned into laughing/crying and we just relaxed. My husband played tennis for the first time and I literally  could not stop laughing. Mostly because he was comparing himself to Boris Becker and other tennis players that were way before our time. Also, he is seemingly good at tennis having never played. Of course he is...

We had amazing meals...amazing weather. We talked about our brand with strangers - with everyone. We came up with creative ideas for marketing and moving forward. I am dreaming of AZ right now while I am in cold, rainy Philadelphia. Trying to keep the relaxing, creative environment present.

I think what's most important is family and taking care of yourself. I am going to bring that to the forefront this holiday season. I really needed to take a break and relax. It was also great to be able to do that with my  family who I love so much. It's so easy to forget what you have and what matters. This holiday season take a second to be grateful.

We are grateful for you - that's for sure! Thanks for helping us make our dream a reality.