Getting Ready For Baby


 Two years ago, around this time, Rebecca and I had decided to take the leap and create this brand.  We were burnt out at our current jobs and hungered to do something that inspired us.  This brand was the answer and ever since it has been a blessing.  We hear the stories of women who go through their lives under challenged and uninspired.  Women who don't make time for themselves and live life day to day, as if they are just trying to survive.  We want this brand to inspire those women.  We were once you!  We had dreams, but couldn't begin to figure out how to make them a reality.  We had babies and no sleep.  Now, we have toddlers and a little more sleep, but still. We are so proud of what we have created and hope to continue to share our journey with all of you for many years to come!

Speaking of futures, as we get ready to introduce another kiddo to the Reversible Co. family, we have decided to expand our line to baby.  As our oldest kiddos are starting to grow out of our clothes, we believe that a baby line would be great for gifts and the first year and a half of any child's life. You gave us your feedback and we listened!  Come the end of the summer, we will have a gift set that includes a reversible hat, blanket and bib for your baby.  We have used the softest most comfortable fabric and we hope that your littles enjoy these reversible looks!


In other news, as our brand has matured, you will also see that we have changed our marketing on Instagram and are making our photos for social media more focused and professional.  We just did a photo shoot that took our breath away!  These kiddos were so well behaved and half of them did not want to take the clothes off, a testament to why fabric matters!  Here are a couple that we thought were too cute to keep from you!  Thank you to all of our models, their moms and Lisa Freeman Photography.  We couldn't have done this without you!  Stay tuned for some fun updates to our website as well:)





Rebecca and Sara