main line splash-our first show!

We were so excited to go back to the area in which we were raised to do a clothing show!

Main Line Today created a spring event, their first year doing it, called Main Line Splash. Rebecca and I felt like it was the perfect opportunity for us to practice not only working together, but discussing our vision behind our clothing line and ultimately selling our clothes!

We had a blast! Rebecca was 35 weeks pregnant and she works full time. She came from work and helped set up the table and merchandise the clothes. She is my hero! We have a real vision for our line. It is a “leisure” look and upscale. You can wear our clothes any way that you would like. Dress them up, dress them down. All we want you to do is be comfortable. We met a lot of women at different stages in their lives that couldn’t believe how comfortable the fabric was. The number one comment we got, outside of “you need to go on shark tank,’’ was “what a great idea!”

This show put wind in our sails.  It was great to experience women supporting other women.  Rebecca and I miss each other a lot! To be together and get this kind of response was heart-warming and encouraging!  Below is a picture of our mom in the short-sleeved tunic.  She was our model during the show.  She was speaking about our clothing and the motivation behind our creation as if it was her own clothing line.  We love you mom!  Also, we sent my dad to pick out a table for us in the beginning of the day.  He was on it!

What people don’t realize is when you are home-grown and a new business, you really have to rely on your family and friends to help you get tasks completed and spread the word. Your mission and passion has to be clear, so that anyone you work with can speak to what it is you are trying to accomplish and, they to, need to believe in what you are doing.

This 24-hour trip, maybe less for me, was a testament to what hard work can create. We are on a mission to bring comfortable and classy clothing to women and children. We are four months into this journey and we are getting stronger as the days progress!