New York City Adventure

We are in New York City and are walking garment row to find fabric for our clothing line!!! It’s all happening!

When Rebecca and I are together, there is such a great energy and we are just plowing through our to do list to make this clothing line a reality.

First stop, Mood Fabrics. Some of you may know of it from Project Runway. What a cool place. We got to meet the owner, Phil, who was hysterical and his manager Deirdre, who was extremely knowledgable and a ton of fun. Thanks for the espresso shots Deirdre!! Back to reality, because we did find fabric we liked and started to get an idea of what making clothes entails! It’s hard work and we aren’t even making them!!!

We made it over to Brooklyn to see the first samples of our clothes. Thank you Anna for making them for us. If you don’t know Anna, she is the best. She has a great sense of style, her apartment in Williamsburg was awesome and the clothes she made for herself were everything! She won’t mention it, but she actually won Issac Mizrahi’s show-The Fashion Show in 2009. We found her on Maker’s Row and she helped make our dream a reality. When we tried on the reversible tunic for our women’s line, I started to cry. So many people had told us that this wasn't going to work. Well, with sheer determination and people who believed in our dream, we did it! We were able to see our first pieces and ooh and ahh over them.

Then we met our parents at Traif, this delicious restaurant in Williamsburg where we got to show them the pieces that we had created. The best part was that both our mom and dad had tears in their eyes. It was great to see them so proud of us. Rebecca and I just couldn’t stop hugging and smiling all weekend.

I also included a picture of Rebecca and I running the Hudson. It was insane! Our elevator at the hotel broke, while we were on it, but we needed to get ready to meet our parents and relatives for brunch. So, we decided to walk up the 30 flights of stairs to get to our room. I blame Rebecca for that decision. What is a work trip without a little bit of drama?

Till next time!


Rebecca looking happy about walking up 30 flights of stairs!