Spring, is that you?

“There is no force more powerful than a woman determined to rise”

As we get into the warmer months (though they haven’t arrived yet and I’m currently looking at snow), I think about last March and how we were launching our spring line, participating in our first trade show, having a photo shoot and really trying to get our rhythm as a new brand! Looking back at the pictures makes me smile. I can’t believe it was a year ago, it doesn’t feel like a year.

I started this blog off with a quote, because this year has been all about women. Women, finding their voices, being heard and being seen. I find myself constantly questioning answers that are given to me as an entrepreneur. When someone says no to me, I don’t leave it at that, I want to know why and what other solutions we have. In this day and age part of being taken seriously, is taking yourself seriously and being determined to succeed.

Last year Rebecca, around this time, was super pregnant ad getting ready to welcome a baby boy to her growing family. This year, in our household, we are expanding to a family of 5 and are welcoming our new nugget in August. Cheers to 2018 and follow us on social media for how our clothes can be worn as maternity clothes:)

On that note, what’s new with Reversible Co.? We will be expanding into the world of baby in the next 4 months! We will be introducing some super cute reversible baby clothes and accessories, so keep your eyes peeled!! Could it be because Rebecca and I have baby fever??? We also will have headbands for girls and women, showing up on our website at the end of the month. Below you can see how our hooded sweat shirt can be worn by girls and boys, we are so proud of our spring products! Not only are they gender neutral, but they are super soft and can be worn at any time of year!! Once again, there is a lot going on and we are so grateful to our customers and family for allowing us to take this journey and go after our dream!

We hope everyone is staying warm and having a great winter.

rebecca and sara