we are live-what a journey!

There are many exciting things happening and we want to share them with you!

It was a 'labor of love' (as they say) because we wanted to introduce it to everyone prior to Christmas. As many of you know, we are perfectionists and the website and clothing had to be perfect. We couldn't let you have anything less! It took many long hours, long sighs and long discussions, but we did it!

We were so excited/nervous/anxious/relieved to launch the brand and the children's line. We are so happy that many of you have visited our website and purchased our clothes! We are even more grateful that you have provided feedback. We have heard you and we will have a women's line available shortly! We promise.


We love the holidays and we decided to do something fun. We just started our 12 days of Chrismukkah! We celebrate all holidays and thought it would be fun to introduce each piece of our line more intimately to you. We brought a lot of thought and attention to our clothes and we want to share that thinking with you and also show you the clothes on children (our children, of course). Keep a look out and please like us and follow us on all of the social media!!!


Thanks for all of your love and support. We couldn't have done this without you and we look forward to the future!!