what happens in vegas, stays in vegas!

As many of you know, because you have been through the struggle, doing what you love and balancing all the other things in your life can be difficult!  When we saw that there was going to be a baby retail trade show in Las Vegas, two things crossed our minds:


  1. It’s time-our customers are asking for us to be in stores
  2. Vegas-we need a vacation away from children-what better place to do it, right?


For those of you who have participated in trade shows, you probably know that the preparation for a trade show is a large undertaking!  We had to make sure everything we needed for our booth was shipped to Vegas and got there safely, that the clothes arrived and that we had time to set up our booth before the show started!


Well, with our great team, including our mom, we were able to execute an excellent booth on a shoestring budget!  Three full days of interacting with buyers and exhibitors was a blast! We got to network with so many people we would never have met. The first day of the trade show, we powered through and took notes on anything that we needed to fix for the next day.  We moved the booth around, we changed out the mannequin, we walked with our clothes to interact with people who might not have seen our booth.  We did it all! The proudest moment for us, was that we created a little retail shop and were able to communicate our passion and brand to everyone.  



The response to what we were doing and our brand was overwhelming!  Sometimes you wonder if what you are doing will be understood by others and if the feedback you will receive will hurt your heart.  However, what we learned is that we have an idea that there is a need for and that mothers and children, alike, think our clothes are comfortable and stylish. PHEW!  


Did we see Celine or Brittany? No.  Did we gamble? Sort of.  Will we be in stores? Yes.


Did we laugh a lot and enjoy working together?  Absolutely.  


Our next trade show will be in DC from March 20-24th-Please come visit us there!