With the Arrival of Baby-the arrival of Reversible Co Baby Line!

In July, Reversible Co. welcomed baby Sawyer Milton to the family!  He came into the world weighing 7lbs 14oz and he is delicious.  His brother and sister could not wait to meet him and now they can't stop loving him up-a parent's dream come true:) 

When we were discussing how we wanted our brand to grow and expand, baby was always on the list.  Having a reversible line has made dressing both ourselves and our family very easy.  The fabric is so comfortable and the classic look makes it easy to match our pieces with anything.  We wanted our babies to have that same luxury. Our first launch includes a baby blanket, hat and reversible bib. We are very excited for our customers to see the line.  They can be purchased as a set or individually.  They are great for gifts and are for any gender baby. We are brainstorming our first baby onesie-and yes, it will most definitely have a zipper.  When I am changing Sawyer in the middle of the night, I hate having to mess around with buttons, I am too tired and so is he.  More info to come!

We are accepting pre-orders on our baby line starting Friday 10/12. There will be a special code mailed to all of our customers that are a part of our mailing list, for an extra 15% off.

This is our favorite time of year, so make sure to check out our other pieces on our website and reach out to us!  We love to hear from you:)



Rebecca and Sara