About us

reversible co. is a classic clothing line for the fashionable on-the-go woman, mother and their children. It's refined, but simple - two looks in one.


Sara Searing and Rebecca Lerario are identical twin sisters, best friends and career-oriented mothers who were born and raised on the Main Line (suburbs outside of Philadelphia). reversible co.’s creation began with Sara and Rebecca talking on the phone every morning and discussing the challenges and excitement of motherhood and fashion. It didn’t take much for them to start conceptualizing an American brand that solved the fashion woes of the on-the-go woman and her active kiddos.

The idea of reversible co. was conceived when Rebecca and Sara would discuss their mornings with each other. Getting their children ready in the morning for activities or school could be overwhelming. They both wished their kiddo’s clothes and their own clothing were of a better quality, more classic and fashionable. While discussing these ideas, they decided that this could exist and that there was a need in the market. Why couldn’t a classic line of reversible clothing exist for those women who are on the move, want high-end and effortless pieces, and need the same for their kiddos? Receiving such an overwhelming response from family and friends, Rebecca and Sara saw an opportunity and a need for reversible classic pieces women and children could wear with comfort and confidence.

Between the two of them exists fashion and business experience. Sara has worked for H&M clothing both in store and on a district level for close to a decade. Following her love for fashion, Sara has always wanted to start her own business focused on the looks that she loves. Rebecca Lerario lives in Philadelphia and has spent her career in leadership positions within the University of Pennsylvania. Her focus has mainly been organizational development. Rebecca’s love for people paired with Sara’s love for fashion, the support of their husbands, the love for their children and the need for classic reversible looks, propelled their creation of reversible co.

Hope you enjoy our clothes!